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Save Money on your Wedding

If you’re preparing for the big day, check out these 7+1 tips and tricks that will help you save money on your wedding expenses: Instead of an envelope liner, why not use a colored outer envelope? It’s $1 less per invitation and your guests will love them. Don’t be afraid to DIY your invit...
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Home Security Systems that Work

Here are three of the most effective Home Security Systems used today: SimpliSafe With SimpliSafe you get 24/7 live monitoring, a cellular connection for Simplify devices, environmental monitoring, the ability to activate the system from anywhere, smartphone alerts, video alarm verification, and unl...
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Best Home Security Systems of 2019

Nowadays homeowners are turning to home-based security systems that have proven to prevent crime. Continue reading to learn about the best 3 security system of 2019. Ring Alarm Security Kit The Ring Alarm Security Kit is great security solution that is very simple to set up. It uses smart sensors an...
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