Has the Internet changed the Human Brain?

Category: Tech

The rapid growth of the Internet has vastly changed human activities. For this, scientists study how the human brain has been affected from being online for extensive periods of time.

Has the Internet impacted our multitasking ability and memory? No, not really. Evidence showed that it hasn’t improved the human ability to multitask. Further research showed that there aren’t any changes in memory.

Are online social interactions different from the “real” ones? When it comes to social interactions, studies show that our brain processes online interactions similarly to real-life ones. This proves to be helpful for older lonely people. On the other hand, young people seem to suffer online from peer pressure and rejection.

There’s a lot more to learn about the benefits and risks of Internet usage. The researchers stress the need to continue investigating the impact of online use on our psychology. Also, they emphasize that the internet has benefits as well as risks. It’s recommended for individuals to go online mindfully and responsibly.

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