The Internet of Things is Our Future

Category: Tech

The IoT, AI, machine learning and cloud technology have been the most important trends in high-tech over the past few years. What should we be expecting to see more in the future? Keep reading…

Smart cities. Smart houses are filled with connected technology, and we’re looking at the first efforts to expand such a smart environment to a city. For example, Cary, North Carolina, uses the IoT to track the condition of its traffic lights (if they go out, the system will notify a technician).

Growing security concerns. The rising of IoT can mean that a virus will disable vital functions and services so there’s going to be a lot of emphasis placed on security.

Smart stores. Connected devices installed in stores offer valuable insights for the owners. For example, smart lighting devices, and video feeds allow store owners to collect information about how customers move about their shop, so the retailers can work towards improving the customer experience.

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